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Booklice and Dust Mites Prevention During Wet Seasons

Invisible Bugs: Booklice and Dust Mites

It has been raining for weeks, and both the indoor and outdoor are getting damp, which speeds up the reproduction of many insects. Bugs could be found in household very easily.

The rain makes mould grow a lot quicker, mildews will occur on walls, linings and crevices. Apart from that, papers such as books, magazines, paper boxes are common for mildews, which also attracts booklice.

Our fabric furniture on the other hand, including the sofa, bed and chairs could be a breeding ground for dust mites as well! These are the reasons you are suffering from respiratory and skin allergies.


Weather has been getting humid, it is very common to see some sesame-seed-shaped insects crawling on the ceilings and walls. 

Those small insects are booklice, one of the most common household insects in Hong Kong. You can identify them by the characteristics below :

  • 1-2 mm in length, which are smaller than ants
  • In a range of colors from gray to brown
  • Prefer to grow in warm, moist and dark environments
  • Primarily feed on mould and fungi
  • Do not bite

Common spots of finding booklice include wallpaper, wall, ceiling, books, papers, wood furniture, and plotted plants

Dust Mites

Due to their small size, also hiding in dust and fibers, dust mites are basically invisible to the naked eye.

Because they consume human and animal dander, and prefer humid and warm places, they often appear in the fabric furniture in our homes, and most of them are concentrated in our beds.

Preventing and Dealing With Booklice and Dust Mites

We generally use insecticide aerosol "smoke bombs" to deal with these invisible bugs. In fact, in addition to pesticides, non-chemical methods can also help improve and prevent problems!

Start with the source of the pests, such as the food source and the environment, which are they reasons why they stay in your home! So staying dry and clean all the time will definitely help!

GreenSTORE Mould Control Products

Mould Removal and Prevention Kit

Pre-clean the surfaces with SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant (recommended) to remove surface debris prior to coating application. Spray SafePRO® AerisGuard Walls & Ceilings Anti-mould Coating on the surface from a distance of about 20cm and allow to air dry.

Any drawer, cabinet or dark corners are prone to having booklice. Remove all the clutters, then use SmellGREEN® to clean and disinfect them before applying the Coating.


Drying Eggs (Diatomaceous Earth)

The eco-friendly Drying Eggs are made without any chemical additives or harmful substances. They are made of fossilized phytoplankton, or diatomaceous earth, that provide essential benefits such as super absorbency, quick drying and dehumidifying ability, which in return help to prevent the growth of mould and bacteria. It is suitable to be placed in areas with high humidity or excessive moisture such as fridge, shoes boxes, wardrobes, and bathroom cabinets. 



Mould Removal & Prevention Service

We usually find mould through mould stains, but in fact, mould has invaded long before we see the mildews!

Mould will quietly drift into the room with the air from the outside, and multiply in dark, damp corners. The mold will not appear until the "time is right". So you need regular space disinfection to kill mould, and spray with an anti-mould coating for long-lasting protection!

Service Features

  • Spray SmellGREEN® Disinfectant on walls and ceilings with fogging machine to kill bacteria, viruses and decompose odours & musty smell
  • AerisGuard™ Anti-mould Coat to the walls and ceilings to inhibit the growth of bacteria & moulds for 12 months (EPA Approved)
  • AURO Anti-mould Paint™ to paint the walls or ceilings to inhibit the growth of bacteria & moulds
  • Calculate the bacterial level on the walls with ATP Meter to ensure the mould removal performance

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Mattress, Sofa Cleaning & Sanitizing

Dead skin, grease, sweat, dust, and bacteria tend to accumulate on mattresses and sofas, providing plenty of food for dust mites. According to statistics, the mattress accommodates an average of 2 million dust mites to survive on the surface! If there are pets at home, the situation will be even worse, however, dust mites, bacteria, viruses, etc. are invisible to the naked eye, so we need to use unique technologies and tools to completely eliminate these threats.

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Curtain Cleaning & Sanitizing

The curtain hangs in front of the window like a large dust filter to block foreign pollutants. Once the window is opened for ventilation, allergens suspended in the air such as dust, dander, bacteria, virus, mould etc. will stain the curtain, providing food for invisible pest, which may be main cause of your dust mites and booklice problem!

Hire professional personnel and tools to deep clean your curtains, improve indoor air quality, and restore your comfort and privacy!

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