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Diatomite Soft Bathroom Mat

Product Code: LS-BR-001

$201.60 Regular price $288.00

Usually diatomite bathroom mat were made from diatomaceous earth,  paper pulp, air slaked lime etc. therefore they are usually hard, and cold for the feet.

We ditched the brick design, wrapped the diatomaceous earth inside so it feels like find sand on a relaxing beach. It feels soft and warm for the feet too during winter.

Product Features

  • Soft with instant water absorbing power
  • Light weight
  • Great odour removal power, better than activated carbon
  • Will not break or burst
  • Feels soft and fluffy
  • The surface can be changed and washed, more convenient to maintain
  • Upgraded rate of absorbing water
1 spare diatomaceous earth core and 2 spare covers for changing included.

Product Specifications

Dimensions 52 x 32cm

Materialdiatomaceouspolyesternon-woven fabric

Net Weight1.2kg

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