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Insect Killers Big Chain Companies Use to Boost Business Performance

Zero Tolerance for The Bugs! Let Customers Swarm Your Shops But Not Insects

Hong Kong is a subtropical region, warm and humid all year round and a breeding ground for mosquitoes and pests. If the pest control is not handled properly, customers will immediately turn around and leave when they walk into the store! In this issue, experts recommend two types of Starkeys 100% Australian-made insect killers. There are glue trap version and electric version, both of which are approved by large chain companies in Hong Kong.

From now on, you don't have to worry about mosquitoes chasing your customers away, and they will swarm instead of those bugs!

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Years of Support From Big Chains! Excellent Quality for Customers’ Trust

Starkeys Insect Killers have been selected by major chain companies and government organizations, including the Hospital Authority, Hong Kong 7-11, Pizza Hut, Tai Hing Group, and more.


Starkeys® FT60 Sticky Pad Insect Killer (Indoor Series)

Stores and restaurants produce a lot of garbage and food waste, even if the cleanliness is adequate, there can still be pests and mosquitoes breeding. Starkeys mosquito traps use black UV light to attract flying insects along with Starkeys® or SafePRO® mosquito trap stickers to exterminate the most common and troublesome flying insects in stores!
  • Specially designed for mosquitoes, midges, flies, geckos and other photophilic flying insects
  • No noise, no odor, no contamination, no chemicals
  • Catch insects with mosquito stickers, insect carcasses will not be scattered, easy to clean and sanitary
  • 3 years self-carrying warranty
  • 100% made in Australia, exclusive agent of Johnson Group in Hong Kong
  • One of the most popular products, used in various restaurants, coffee shops, five-star hotels and resorts around the world
  • Hot Picks: Starkeys® FT60, Starkeys® Decore

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Starkeys® Indoor/Outdoor Electric Insect Killers

Starkeys Electric Insect Killers is a powerful pest exterminator, no matter indoor or outdoor. They use black UV light to lure photophilic insects, and then kill a large number of insects with electric shock. They are the first choice of industrial and commercial sectors and various restaurants.

Starkeys Electric Insect Killers (Outdoor Series)

  • With high efficiency electric grid and UV bulb, it lures mosquitoes, midges, flies, geckos and other photophilic flying insects.
  • No noise, no odor, no contamination, no chemicals
  • Weatherproof, waterproof up to IPX4 level
  • Eco-friendly, zero ecological impact
  • 3 years self-carrying warranty
  • 100% made in Australia, exclusive agent of Johnson Group
  • Suitable for outdoor gardens, barbecue sites, domestic or commercial sites
  • Hot Picks: Starkeys® L25, Starkeys® L40

Starkeys Electric Insect Killers (Indoor Series)

The Electric Indoor Insect Killers is specifically designed for indoor use with a rust-resistant frame for high durability and effectively resists hot and humid environments such as kitchens.

  • With high efficiency electric grid and UV bulb, it can effectively lure mosquitoes, midges, flies, geckos and other photophilic flying insects.
  • No noise, no odor, no contamination, no chemicals
  • Eco-friendly, zero ecological impact
  • The bottom tray can be removed to clean up mosquito and fly carcasses
  • 3 years self-carrying warranty
  • 100% made in Australia, exclusive distributor of Johnson Group
  • Suitable for small households, kitchens and restaurants
  • Hot Picks: Starkeys® DS120, Starkeys® DS215

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SafePRO® Indoor/Outdoor Mosquito Trap

Our latest dark knight SafePRO® Indoor/Outdoor Mosquito Trap make use of black UV light to attract mosquitoes, trapping them with "black hole" airstream mechanism. No electric shocks are used to for the trapping mechanism to ensure safety and tranquility!

The modest appearance makes it able to blend into any environment, including workplaces or households. Not only being able to used indoor, the trap is outdoor-compatible with the IPX4 grade water resistant materials, good for using under the sun or in the rain. It comes with a stand so that you can place it anywhere outside, covering up to 50 square meters.

  • Free 10 pcs mosquito glue traps & 1 UV black light tube
  • Designed to be indoor and outdoor dual-purpose
  • Trapping mosquitoes with black hole airstream and glue traps to make it even safer and cleaner
  • Anti-aging and waterproof coating with rain cover, fully protected from the sun and rain
  • Apart using with stand, it can also be hung, suitable for different locations

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Solar Trap™ Outdoor Insect Trap - Clean Eco with Reputation

Solar Trap™ is powered by solar energy instead of other power sources like LPG or electricity, it helps to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide. Therefore, in addition to being an economically efficient pest control machine, it can also meet the principles of environmental protection and energy conservation.



  • Selected by HA, LCSD parks, Hong Kong Disneyland, Hong Kong Jockey Club, many schools and public venues!
  • 24 hours operation (black UV light and fan will run for 8 hours at night, the rest of the time standby charging)
  • The device will not use chemical attractants and will not emit any harmful substances
  • Safe and reliable, certified by EU (TK-CC110095). There is no danger of electric shock, short circuit or fire.
  • Suitable for a wide range of sites, including orchards, farms, theme parks, golf courses, gardens, schools, elderly homes, research institutes, etc.

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