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Starkeys® Insect Glue Trap

Brand: Starkeys®

Product Code: PCP-SP-101

$480.00 Regular price

Hot and humid weather is most suitable for flying pests such as flies, mosquitoes or midges. If there are plants in our home, pests such as mosquitoes, flies or silverleaf-whiteflies etc. are more likely to occur. Although not all of them will bite human, but they could also damage the plants or even spread deceases. Apart from using chemical insecticide, we can also resolve the problem with physical measures. The Insect Glue Trap from Australian brand Starkeys® not only suitable for use with electronic insect traps, but also could be cut into little pieces, and used directly near plants. Let take a look at the demonstration video below.

Product Features

  • Product from Australia
  • UV and heat resistant, will not melt under the sun
  • Made with biodegradable materials
  • Low dosage of non-toxic attractant, will not cause harm to human or pets.
  • Yellow surface is especially effective against positively phototactic insects
  • Can be used with Insect Sticky pad Insect Killers


Ideal for restaurants, kitchens, food storages, washrooms and warehouses

Johnson Group is the sole distributor of Australian STARKEYS® products in Hong Kong, Macau, China and Taiwan regions


Size: 43 x 25cm

Packing: 10 pcs/box

Origin: Australia

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Mancy Chan
Insect Glue Trap

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