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SafePRO® Insect Glue Trap

Brand: SafePRO®

Product Code: PCP-SP-001

$350.00 Regular price


Any pest that touches the glue trap is immediately caught and immobilized—bodily stuck to the glue.

For best results, place SafePRO® Insect Glue Trap near the haunts / colonies / sheltered areas of pests.

  • Not an insecticide & Non-Toxic
  • Catch both adults and nymphs
  • Ongoing detection up to 90 days

Can be used with Indoor Glue Pad Insect Killers or Solar Trap™ Outdoor Insect Trap

Product Specification

Model: PCP-SP-001

Size: 43 x 25 cm

Packing: 10pcs / box

Origin: China

Remark: UV resistant

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