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SafePRO New Mosquito Trap is Here to Exterminate

Dark Knight Ascends! SafePRO's New Mosquito Exterminator

Even though the Mid-Autumn Festival is over, Hong Kong is still very humid while sometimes sunny, sometimes rainy. The humid weather breeds mosquitoes easily, and with the school year in full swing, students can easily become mosquitoes' meals and suffer from the increased risk of Dengue Fever, Japanese Encephalitis and other fatal diseases.

The new "Dark Knight" mosquito trap is now available to exterminate mosquito problems in the dark. With the SafePRO® Indoor/Outdoor Mosquito Trap, mosquitoes will disappear from now on!

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Mosquito Exterminator! SafePRO® Mosquito Killer Trap Effective in 3 Days

The new SafePRO® Indoor/Outdoor Mosquito Trap uses black ultraviolet light to lure mosquitoes and a gravitational fan to capture them with airflow, not electric shock, ensuring safety and silence!

  • Targeted design, both indoor and outdoor
  • Strong mosquito catching power, wide coverage area, immediate effect in 3 days
  • Apart using with stand, it can also be hung
  • Catch mosquitoes with airflow and glue traps, carcasses will not be scattered, easy to clean and sanitary
  • Rotating lid and on/off switch design, one twist to shut off/power on

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"Black Hole" Aerodynamics Trap! Mosquitoes Meets Their Unescapable End

SafePRO® Indoor/Outdoor Mosquito Trap has developed a new "black hole" aerodynamics design. As soon as they enter the flight range, they are caught into the powerful suction of the trap.

  • The black hole aerodynamics design sucks in all mosquitoes within the area
  • Mosquito chamber is sophisticatedly designed, the mosquitoe chamber is sealed once they enter, leaving no place to escape
  • Covering an area of 50 square meters, sniping down mosquitoes in every corner possible

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Dark Knight of Mosquito Control! Hi-tech With 2 Times Effectiveness

SafePRO® Indoor/Outdoor Mosquito Trap uses a number of advanced technologies, which are more effective than many similar products. Strong mosquito luring ability. It uses 365nm wavelength black UV light, which is 2 times more effective than traditional mosquito lights, and has higher energy than similar UV light traps.

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Gentle Design Protecting You From The Dark

SafePRO® Indoor/Outdoor Mosquito Trap are designed to fit easily into any environment, including industrial and commercial places or households. It is coated with a highly waterproof material and anti-aging paint, and now comes with a free pole hook for easy placement anywhere.

  • Solid appearance, suitable for both indoor and outdoor placement
  • Use IPX4 grade waterproof material, not afraid of sun and rain
  • Anti-aging paint, and equipped with rain cover
  • Comes with a free pole hook for easy placement

Buy Now! Special Price $998

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