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【GreenSTORE All-new Pets Series】<br>Feeding, Playing and Sleeping, We Got Them All

Pets are Family Members to Us,
Therefore We Want to Provide Them The Best!

GreenSTORE recently has launched an all-new pets series, consists of products from well-known international brands. Feeding, playing and sleeping, we have got the complete package. The material used and the design are guaranteed both innovative and practical. Come on in, and you will definitely find what you and your pets want!





Smart Feeding

PETKIT® Fresh Nano Adjustable Feeding Bowl

  • Two adjustable angle settings, satisfy the needs of various cats: Ingenious design, users can easily adjust to two inclination angles, 0° or 15°, creating comfortable eating angles for different cats.
  • Higher height to improve eating gesture: The higher Fresh Nano cat bowl’s holder height is able to reduce pressure on cervical vertebra from cats’ eating habits, therefore securing cats’ healthy body growth.
  • Oval-shaped bowl for easy eating: The special oval-shaped bowls with a comfortable 15° inclination degree, providing various cats with a joyful meal, even if flat-faced cats.
  • Durable 304 Stainless Steel bowls for easy cleaning: Made from the well-known 304 stainless steel, the feeding bowl are not only durable, but and also removable and dishwash-safe which allow the holder to clean easier.


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For Outdoor

PETKIT® Eversweet Travel S – One Touch Pet Bottle

  • One-touch:One-hand Watering by one simple press., easy and convenient to use
  • Easy to use: Turn the button left and press it down to offer water, turn the button right to close the lid and the lock the button
  • Silica gel sealed ring with lock key design avoid leaking
  • A spoon like shape design to fit with the dog’s drinking habit so it will not make a mess. Easy to clean as well
  • Made from BioCleanAct material with strong antibacterial characteristics

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K.1 Foldable Triangular Cat House

  • A soft cozy pet mat, able zip it into a triangle tent or spread it out as a mat, then your pet can lay on and enjoy
  • No matter your cat is an outdoor cat or an indoor cat, you can also provide them a warming cozy house
  • Deformable, waiting for you to discover it
  • Foldable Pet Mat/Tunnel: Dual purposes, you can zip it into a tunnel as toy
  • Suitable for one cat, small dog, or several kittens or puppies
  • High-density and wear resisting material, non-toxic and safe for your cat
  • Easy to Use: Sturdy Structure, cab be set up and folded flat within 10 seconds


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