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PETKIT® Eversweet 2S Smart Pet Drinking Fountain

Brand: PETKIT®

Product Code: LS-PT-006

$379.00 Regular price

Click Here to Purchase "PETKIT® Eversweet 2S & 3 & Solo Drinking Fountain Filters (5pc)" 

PETKIT is the worlds largest pet specialty brand focused in developing a series of WIFI, Bluetooth and Non-Connected Electronic Smart Pet Products and devices for both Dogs and Cats.

With a team of dedicated and talented engineers her goals have remained unchanged from day one; to simplify pet ownership around the world and to help promote a healthy lifestyle for pets that in-result may help increase longevity.

Product Features

  • Won the German Red Dot Product Design Award 2017
  • Large capacity of 2L is suitable for both dogs and cats
  • The height design is specific for relieving pet cervical pressure problems
  • Easy to clean and refill water because of the removable inner-lid design
  • A spiral lock of the drinking tray is designed to prevent damage by pets
  • 3-stage carbon filtration system which filters out and helps completely eliminate or screen any and all harmful chemicals and impurities found in contaminated or unfiltered water
  • A filter-change reminder that the device will flash on the front further reminding users when the filter unit needs to be changed
  • Auto low-water-level reminder to remind the users to re-fill water. The device will automatically stop when the water is too low to avoid damage
  • Smart mode is also capable of energy saving
  • A quiet pump system (below 30dB), does not disturb you and your pets at night
  • Separable water pump design allows the user to replace it in case of failures
  • 1-year official warranty, can contact authorized distributor in Hong Kong directly for any assistance

Product Specifications

Materials: ABS
Capacity: 2L
Size: 180 x 180 x 155mm
Weight: 1kg
Powered by USB Cable (USB adapter not included)
Included one piece of Petkit Eversweet 2S & 3 & Solo Drinking Fountain Filters (1pc)

Filter Specifications

Click Here to Purchase "PETKIT® Eversweet 2S & 3 & Solo Drinking Fountain Filters (5pc)" 


High quality coconut shell active carbon and porous weak acid ion-exchange resin are able to remove most of the harmful chemicals.

Drinking fountain replaceable filters last for around 3 months.

ATTENTION: Please soak the new filter for at least 10 minutes in clean water before installing into the fountain. Please do not forget to reset the device after the replacement.

Size:140 x 140 x 12mm

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