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[Exiquisite] Innovative Kitcheware Now Available on GreenSTORE

Maximizing space efficiency has always been a hot topic for any households in Hong Kong. While trying to cook at home, it's easy to buy more and more kitchenware for different purposes, and stacked too many of them could occupy too much space. GreenSTORE has found a series of compact kitchen appliances to help you save space, with the best value of money!


Yohome - Multi-functional Cooking Series

Foldable, detachable, Yohome provide a range of innovative design to make cooking appliances easy to store, with variety of functions. They can handle almost all kinds of cuisines, so that you do not need to purchase any other devices or stoves for different cooking styles anymore!

Multi-functional Cooking Pot


  • Detachable pot, easy to clean
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Food grade non-stick coating on the pot, safe and convenient
  • 1000W fast heating induction, thorough and immediate heating
  • Multi-purpose, cooking, frying, braising, it can do it all
  • Adjustable temperature, easy to change settings

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Multi-functional Folding Oven & Grill

  • Pound-for-pound the best deal, with functions of a pot, a frying pan, an oven, and a grill
  • You can use the pot and the grill at the same time, doubling up the experience
  • The frying pan is designed to expel grease to a drip-pan, easy to clean
  • 2 litres capacity, sufficient for gathering scenarios
  • The pot and pan components are all made of stainless non-stick aluminium alloy
  • Non sticking, no oil splashes, little smoke, much healthier
  • Comfortable grip, detachable power plug, anti-slip bottom, great safety

Buy Now $659

Instant Heating Non-Stick Pot

  • Japanese comfort food design, instant heating, instant eating
  • Ceramic non-stick coating, easy to clean and maintain
  • Two settings of heat level, easy to operate, instant heat up
  • Circular heating for better distribution

Buy Now $259

MOKKOM Multi-functional Electric Heating Cup

The Multi-functional Electric Heating Cup provides you an all-in-one experience while you can cook, eat and wash with the same unit. It is compact for storage, best for making quick food. Apart from simply heating, the Heating Cup can be used to make tea, coffee or soup. It appears to be the best tool to cook instant food, such as instant noodles or cereal. The best thing is that it operates in near-silence level, which makes it perfect for making late-night meal.

  • Upgrade version features a tea constrainer
  • A combination of heater and tea cup, compact and easy to carry around
  • A 350ml heating + thermos unit, great for keeping constant temperature with user-friendly settings
  • 7 minutes express boiling, do not need to switch to other tableware once done, you can make dissert, breakfast etc. at your hotel room or office
  • Keep warmth for up to 8 hours
  • 300W power with a near silence operation level
  • Spacious and simple stainless steel interior with separated power cord, easy to clean, safe
  • Seamless 304 stainless steel interior, can be cleaned by just rinsing
  • Cooking, eating, cleaning done with one single unit

Choices for Making Healthy Food

MOKKOM Low Sugar Mini Rice Cooker

  • 800ml capacity, manage to cook 2 bowls of rice at once
  • Patented low sugar cooking design, with “cooking, filtering, steaming” trilogy, lower sugar by 38%
  • 92 filtration holes to filter starch and carbs
  • Induction heating for heating thoroughly and evenly, 25 minutes to cook rice
  • With “Rice/Congee/Sweet Soup/Noodle” 4 modes, switch by pressing one button
  • Food grade 304 stainless steel interior, durable and easy to clean
  • No valve design, prevent leakage

Buy Now $599

Kuunluun 3-in-1 Blender and Cooker

  • Do-it-all – Steaming, Cooking and Blending 3-in-1, One button to blend and cook fruit, vegetables or meat.
  • Smart Cooking – Smart and accurate timer function
  • Make Life Easier – Blend the food thoroughly with virtually no slags
  • One button to clean – Can be cleaned with the blending and heating functions by itself
  • Easy to use – LED display with simple control knob, minimal and trendy appearance
  • Compact: Small in size, great for saving space
  • Safe: Food grade material including a silicon gas release valve, 304 stainless steel blades

Buy Now $599

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