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PETKIT® Fresh Nano Adjustable Feeding Bowl

Brand: PETKIT®

Product Code: LS-PT-011-1B

$76.30 Regular price $109.00

PETKIT is the worlds largest pet specialty brand focused in developing a series of WIFI, Bluetooth and Non-Connected Electronic Smart Pet Products and devices for both Dogs and Cats.

With a team of dedicated and talented engineers her goals have remained unchanged from day one; to simplify pet ownership around the world and to help promote a healthy lifestyle for pets that in-result may help increase longevity.

Product Features

  • Two adjustable angles, satisfy demands of various cats: Ingenious matching revolving fixture, users can easily adjust to two inclination angles, 0° or 15°, creating comfortable eating angles for cats
  • Higher height to improve eating gesture: The higher Fresh Nano cat bowl’s holder height is able to reduce pressure on cervical vertebra from cats’ eating habits, therefore securing cats’ healthy body growth
  • Oval-shaped bowl for easy eating: The special oval-shaped bowls with comfortable 15° inclination degree, providing various cats with a joyful meal, even if flat-faced cats
  • Transparent bowl body for easy observation and cleaning: Transparent and shatterproof material is durable and easy to monitor the eating progress.
  • The removable bowl body allows the holder to clean easier

Product Specifications

Material: Transparent PC, ABS
Size: 225 X 160 X 160 mm (one bowl)
334 X 161 X 102 mm (two bowls)
Volume: 0° - 480 ml/bowl
15° - 275 ml/bowl

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