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Starkeys® Decore Glue Pad Indoor Insect Killer

Brand: Starkeys®

Product Code: PCP-IT-104

$2,080.00 Regular price


For effective control of mosquitoes, flies and other flying insects.


  • Unique ultraviolet black light tubes are one of the most effective "insect attracting" tubes
  • No noise, No smell, No debris, No pollution and No chemicals
  • Compliant with required Australian and European certified safety standards
  • Yellow adhesive sticky pad to trap all flying insects
  • 3 Years carry-in warranty
  • Origin: Australia


Ideal for all restaurants, cafes, food halls & large home kitchens plus many other areas


  • Compatible with Starkeys® or SafePRO® Insect Glue Trap
  • Replacement of tubes and glue trap regularly for the best performance
  • Separate purchase of tubes, starters and glue trap is available

Johnson Group is the sole distributor of Australian STARKEYS® products in Hong Kong, Macau, China and Taiwan


Tubes: 2 x 15W
Range: 90m2
Weight: 2.5kg (incl.ctn)
Dimensions: 25cm (H) x 50cm (W) x 12cm (D)

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