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SafePRO® Multi-purpose Nano Sprayer

Brand: SafePRO®

Product Code: CM-UF-830

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Natural Disinfecting Anti-pandemic Kit $728 (Nano Sprayer + SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant Spray-1L) 

SafePRO® Multi-purpose Nano Sprayer is a portable USB charging sprayer, with a spraying distance at around 1.5-2.5 meters, and an ultra small droplet size at 5~8 microns. Simply spray the disinfectant onto the surfaces, and it will disinfect and dry up by itself, no need to wipe.

With a 380mL transparent water tank and 3 levels of spraying intensity, it is very easy to operate.

The unit is equipped with a latest unique infrared human sensor, which is able to spray automatically when people pass by, so as to sanitizer their cloths and hands. The sensor uses heat sensing technology, which will not be triggered when objects are passing by, a clever touch to make it suitable for virtually all kinds of premises. 

Product Features

  • 380 mL transparent tank, easy to monitor remaining liquid level
  • Unique infrared human sensor design, will not triggered by objects with no heat
  • Strong 3 gear spraying output, adjustable spray intensity and flow rate
  • Light-weight, compact, easy to cover narrow spaces
  • Compatible with solutions such as disinfectant, mould remover, pesticide, deodorantbird repellent, cleanser etc.
  • Suitable for household and commercial use, such as restaurants, schools, hospitals, gyms, elderly homes, pet clinics etc.


    Space Disinfection Precautions

    • All HVAC or air-conditioning, ventilation and any electronic appliances should be switched off before spraying
    • All the food and electronic appliances must be covered or stored
    • Opening drawers and cabinets are recommended, but not a must
    • Once finished spraying, wait for at least 1.5 hours before re-entering the site
    • DO NOT use any corrosive chemical solution, alcohol disinfectant or diluted bleach
    • Please make sure the human and pets have all left before starting disinfection

    14-day Replacement Guarantee

    *The product has NO warranty from the manufacturer and GreenSTORE, please note that replacement or repairing requests made after the 14 days guaranteed period, will not be processed or entertained*

    The fogging machine/sprayer sold by GreenSTORE come with a 14-day replacement guarantee for damaged products. The products that require replacement must be kept in complete packaging without any damage or scratches. Only the same model can be replaced.

    **Any damage caused by man-made error, abnormal usage against instructions in the manual, wrong power supply or negligent use of the product, the company reserves the right to the final decision.

    If products need to be returned, please contact us first to make an appointment, and bring the products with the receipts to our office at TML Tower Tsuen Wan.

    Product Specifications

    Dimensions: (L)237*(W)87.5*(H)214mm
    Spray Distance: 1.5~2.5 meters
    Battery Capacity: 2200mA
    Voltage: DC12V
    Charge Time: Approx. 4~5 hours
    Operations Time: 60~70 mins (continuous)
    Average Droplet Size: 8~20micron (adjustable nozzle)
    Capacity: 380mL (continuous spraying for 15-20 minutes)
    Power: 25W
    Weight: Approx. 950g

    Charging Instructions

    • DC5V charging takes around 4-5 hours to charge the product fully
    • All LED will be on when charging, the LEDs stop blinking once charging done

    Operating Instructions

    • Pour the liquid into the water tank, switch it to ON position
    • Short press M to enter ‘low’ gear, switch to ‘mid’ gear or ‘high’ gear, or stop spraying
    • Short press M twice to turn the blue light on or off
    • Long press M to turn the infrared sensor on or off, the red light will indicate whether it is in human sensor mode or manual mode
    • Turn the nozzle clockwise to increase spray thickness, turn it anti-clockwise to decrease

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