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SafePRO® Toilet Bowl Foam Disinfectant Dispenser

Brand: SafePRO®

Product Code: CM-UF-843

$358.00 Regular price

To maintain good hygiene in washrooms, toilet bowls are often the toughest to deal with. Not only bacteria and viruses are prone to breed and grow around the toilet bowl, flushing could also produce aerosol droplets that spread diseases.

SafePRO® Toilet Bowl Foam Disinfectant Dispenser has came up with a solution for you! A simple press of the button, bubble up and dispense a layer of disinfectant/sanitizer foam into the toilet bowl. It is effective in sanitizing, maintaining cleanliness, and stopping aerosol droplets! Also, you can control how often you want to dispense, so that you will not have excessive bubbles or a clogged up toilet.

Use it with 100% botanical SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant, deploy a fine layer of protection to kill 99.99% bacteria and viruses. Great for lowering the risk of disease transmission in households or public premises.

Product Features

  • Battery operated and USB charged, charge fully to operate for 3 months, no power cord needed
  • Fine bubble foam, effective for disinfecting, preventing odor, aerosol droplets and ‘toilet ring’
  • Press and dispense bubble foam for 5 seconds, easy to control the thickness of foam
  • 4.5L liquid tank, operate for a long time without the need of refilling
  • Transparent liquid level window and a night light, easy to monitor

User Precautions

Please do NOT use any corrosive or volatile cleaner/sanitizer with the product. It is recommended to use SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant. However, the product is also compatible with diluted alkaline cleaners such as dish soap or floor shampoo etc.

User Instructions

Battery Charging:

As shown in the pictures, once opened the lid, a Micro USB B port can be seen. Connect the power source, and there will be a red light on the lid, indicating that it is charging; green light indicates that it is fully charged.

*The lid comes with a silicone water-proof cover, please do not throw that away because it helps prevent water entering the interior of the dispenser.

Installing the Foam Nozzle and Silicone Tube:

Connect the tube onto the Foam Dispensing Mouth, and connect the other end onto the Foam Nozzle.

As shown in the picture above, simply use the double-sided tape on hook to attach the nozzle onto the toilet bowl, and it is ready for use.

14-day Replacement Guarantee

*The product has NO warranty from the manufacturer and GreenSTORE, please note that replacement or repairing requests made after the 14 days guaranteed period, will not be processed or entertained*

The fogging machine/sprayer sold by GreenSTORE come with a 14-day replacement guarantee for damaged products. The products that require replacement must be kept in complete packaging without any damage or scratches. Only the same model can be replaced.

**Any damage caused by man-made error, abnormal usage against instructions in the manual, wrong power supply or negligent use of the product, the company reserves the right to the final decision.

If products need to be returned, please contact us first to make an appointment, and bring the products with the receipts to our office at TML Tower Tsuen Wan.

Product Specifications

Size: W 14cm x L 12.5cm x H 46cm
Capacity: 4.5L
Battery Capacity: 3000mAh
Foam Dispense Time: 5 seconds per button press

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