SafePRO® Bird Repellent (BirdShield™)

Brand: SafePRO®

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Silent, Invisible, Harmless, No Electricity Required

Food-grade, biodegradable bird repellent repels birds from nesting, loafing and roosting in and upon structures, roofs, interior or exterior walls, siding, statues, bridges and other sites even nests. Also, BirdShield™ deters water birds from boat docks and marina areas.

How Does SafePRO® Bird Repellent (BirdShield™) Work 

Liquid BirdShield™ dries, leaving a residue with a grape-like odor. Birds' trigeminal system, similar to our sense of smell, is irritated by BirdShield™ smell. It's environmentally friendly and harmless to birds.

BirdShield™'s active ingredient is Methyl Anthranilate (MA), a constituent of Concord grapes. MA has been used by the food and drug industry for over 40 years to flavor candy, sodas, gums, and drugs; it is listed by the US FDA as "Generally Recognized As Safe" (GRAS) and is classified by the US EPA as "reduced risk."

Life of Applied Product

Porosity and sunlight determine BirdShield™'s life. Up to 10 days or more on a porous surface and approximately 3 days on a non-porous or sealed surface.

Benefits of Using BirdShield®

  • Harmless to Humans and Birds
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Recognized by Reputable Parties*
  •  An effective and humane way to deter birds

*Listed by the US FDA as “Generally Recognized As Safe” (GRAS) and classified by the US EPA as “reduced risk”


US EPA Reg. No: 66550-1

United States Patent: 5,296,226

HK Pesticide Reg. No. 2P317 (SL)

Directions for Use

BirdShield™ is generally painted or sprayed (1:40 dilution with water) on the surface of the objects or an area. On a porous surface, you'll get less coverage but it will last much longer - apply liberally as product will be absorbed. For example, 4000mL bottle may cover a medium-sized rooftop. On a non-porous or sealed surface you'll get maximum coverage but must apply more often - apply lightly as excess will run. BirdShield™ is effective on all surfaces but as it may stain or damage certain materials (waxes, plastics, foams, insulations and glues) or finishes, we suggest testing and/or sealing.

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500mL / 1 Gallon

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