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S+ ECO Straw

Brand: S+

Product Code: LS-KC-045-W

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Can prohibiting all use of plastic straws really save the ocean and the planet?

The leader of eco activist group Lonely Whale which called for a prohibition of plastic straws in Seattle, has once suggested that “Our movement is not only focusing on plastic straws, but pointing out the role that disposable plastic products are playing in our life.” He thinks that cutting off the plastic consumption from the source is only the beginning, searching for alternatives is what really matters, such as reusable straws and cups.

Ah Foo, the founder of Taiwanese brand S+, was inspired by Dune Ives, it woke his long-time interest in plastic making up. That’s how Ah Foo came up with S+ Straws, which providing variation in size in one package, and can be manipulated by the user at will. Smoothie, milk shake, bubble tea, S+ Straw has got them all covered. The triple-layer design not only makes it easy to adjust the length, but also easy to retract and store.

Product Features

  • Triple-layer design, all parts are detachable, easy to clean
  • Patented design, large and small sized straws combined and retracted, easy to carry
  • Food grade PP material, withstand heat up 100 degree Celsius
  • Material can be recycled, eco-friendly
  • Stream-lined shape, not sharp edges, safe for children
  • 100% made in Taiwan



How to assemble the S+ Straw

Every section of the straw has a dent for mounting. Keep all the sections pointing at the same direction, insert the sections from the thickest to thinnest.

Product Specifications

Material: ABS (case), PP (straw), Nylon, 304 stainless steel (cleaning brush)
Case Dimensions: L2.5 cm x W2.5 cm x H10 cm
Straw Size: L21.5cm
Colour: Elegant White/Apple Green/Rose Pink

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