Disinfection Floor Mat

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Upon purchasing Disinfection Floor Mat, you can enjoy a special offer, $412.2 (10% off) for a gallon of SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant Spray. The offer will be valid as long as stocks last.

There are numerous disinfection mats and "disinfection mat rental service" available around, the concept is simple, simply pour disinfectant onto the mat, so that when people step on it, it will disinfect their shoes. Rental service provide routine cleaning and changing for the mats. They emphasize that it can have long-lasting disinfecting effects. However, it is highly doubtful.

 This Disinfection Floor Mat make use of PVA sponge to lock the disinfectant inside, accompanies with the 3D dynamic design. It can thoroughly clean and disinfect your shoe treads. Step on the micro-fibre mat afterwards to dry your shoes, so that germs, viruses and dirt will always stay outside.

Non-slip Mat

Product Specifications

Color: Grey

Size: L83cm W45cm H2cm

Weight: 2.3kg

Accessories: (1) Disinfecting Sponge Cover , (2) Disinfecting Sponge , (3) Cellulose Drying Rug x2 , (4) Disinfecting Sponge Base , (5) Drying Rug Base , (6) Non-slip Mat

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