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Ultraviolet Black Light Tube

Brand: Philips

Product Code: PCP-BT-301

$160.00 Regular price

Use with corresponding models of insect killers

Ultraviolet Black Light Tube Indoor Sticky Pad Insect Killer 
15W (PCP-BT-301) HK$160/pcs Starkeys® Decore
Starkeys® LURATRAP
Starkeys® FT60
PestWest® Chameleon 1X2
PestWest® Chameleon 2X2
Indoor Electric Insect Killer 
Starkeys® DS115
Starkeys® DS215
Ultraviolet Black Light Tube Indoor Sticky Pad Insect Killer 
18W (PCP-BT-002) HK$200 / pcs Starkeys® FT80
Indoor Electric Insect Killer 
Starkeys® DS220

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