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The Pure and Natural Laundry Series

Let's Experience the Power of Natural Cleaner in Laundry 

Cross dyeing when doing laundry is very annoying, it could ruin all the clothes washing together.

Sour and musty smell when the clothes are not dried is also the most annoying thing.

With the help from local brand Dr. Clean, you will not be annoyed anymore. The Concentrated Cleaning and Laundry Tablets and Dye-transfer Inhibiting Color-Absorbing Laundry Sheets, along with GreenSTORE's natural laundry series, are all made from natural ingredients and substances, safe and eco-friendly, making your laundry so much easier to handle!

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Making use of German bio-enzyme and plant-extracts to dissolve and remove stubborn stains, killing bacteria and virus at the same time. The tablets are made from all-natural ingredient which will not leave chemical residue on your clothes, making it suitable for sensitive skin. It also has a Infant Formula version specifically designed for protecting babies' skin. Apart from laundry, you can also use the tablets for cleaning by dissolving it into water.

  • Unique German bio-enzyme and water formula, SGS certified
  • pH neutral 7.8, do not hurt skin, machine washable, hand washable
  • High concentration formula, no softener needed
  • No chemical residues, no brightener, no heavy metals, no heavy metal substances
  • Anti-mould, anti-bacterial, no sour odour in humid weather
  • Wash clothes and washing machine at same time


The unique Infant Formula is great for protecting the tender skin of babies, and specifically good at removing odour. pH Neutral, non-irritative, no brightener, no heavy metals, so that there will be no allergens to intake.

Better Yet, It is a Great Cleaner:

Dr. Clean Dye-transfer Inhibiting Color-Absorbing Laundry Sheets

One piece into the washing machine, keeping your favourite clothings fresh.

Dr. Clean Dye-transfer Inhibiting Color-Absorbing Laundry Sheets are specifically designed to stop clothes' dye from fading and dye-transfer. You can now wash all the clothes in different colors at the same time, saving water and energy as well! The unique beehive structure increases the contact area, as well as strengthen the sheet, so that it can be used with hot and cold water. It is suitable for any clothes, such as cotton shirts, school uniforms, white socks, underwear, denim trousers etc. Apart from stopping the dye-transfer, it helps absorbing the stains from clothes as well, keeping them fresh!

Product Features

  • Natural degradable ingredients, no additional essence, non-irritative, very safe
  • Can be used in hand-wash or washing machines
  • Adsorb pigments very quickly, including fluorescent agent, dust and stain
  • Removing dust mite droppings and inhibit bacteria growth

Let's See How Well It Works:

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