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[The Latest Japanese Glassware Series]<br>ADERIA The Abundance Always With You

Glasses are essential for us to enjoy drinks, apart from tasting, beautiful glasses could be used as decorations as well. With over 200 years of history, ADERIA was found by the well-known Ishizuka Glass Company as a high-end designer brand. It produces wide range of glasses including sake glasses, beer glasses and tea glasses etc. Aderia was recognized with numerous design awards in Japan, The products carry a sense of tradtional craftmanship and culture, with a lot of choices!


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Gold Ichimonji Sets

ADERIA's Ichimonji series is simplistic but powerful, with one single stroke of classic calligraphy using golden ink as the design. It reminds users of the ancient Japan, when the whole country was obsessed with arts and literature. This was specifically designed for Sake tasting, both warm or chilled. It is best as gifts as well.



Craft Beer Set

In three different shapes, the set can be the weapon of choice on tasting any kind of beer. The thin-lip design (1.2mm thick) provide the smoothest and tasteful experience. It also helps with forming a perfect foam while pouring, and retaining the smell. The glasses were specifically strengthened, making it more durable.

Product Features

  • Thin-lip for the best tasting experience
  • Three shapes for all kinds of beer
  • Helps with forming perfect foam while pouring

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Bifu Cold Tea Cup Set

The tea cup combined a fogged-up appearance with golden edge round the lip, providing an elegant touch and simplicity. It is suitable for having tea with guests, or simply as gifts.


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Mountain Fuji Series

Mountain Fuji is a sacred place for Japanese people. Apart from drinking, the glasses with the appearances taken inspiration from the sacred mountain, can carry meanings of blessing. The blue color represents loyalty, while the red color symbolizes victory. With the height of Fuji symbolizing "climbing up" and "elevating", it is perfect as a gift as well! The glasses sketches out the contour of the well-known mountain, will look even more astonishing under lighting.




Other Special Designs



Tumbler Grape Glass Set

The Tumbler Grape Glass took inspiration from ancient Europe, the time when grapes were regarded as the symbol of success, glory and honor. The glass's appearance looks round and mellow, with layers of gradient color providing layers. Utilizing the lead-free glass material, it is more durable. The glass is able to stay below room temperature, which is best for alcoholic drinks.

Product Features

  • Grape as the design inspiration, mellow appearance with layers
  • Lead-free glass, more durable
  • Can be kept lower than the room temperature all the time

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