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Aderia Craft Beer Glass Master Set


Product Code: LS-GW-007

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Aderia glass came from Gifu, Japan back in 1819. With over 200 years of history, Aderia has flourished into one of the biggest glassware manufacturer in Japan, which is recognized by numerous designer awards within the country.

In three different shapes, the set can be the weapon of choice on tasting any kind of beer. The thin-lip design (1.2mm thick) provide the smoothest and tasteful experience. It also helps with forming a perfect foam while pouring, and retaining the smell. The glasses were specifically strengthened, making it more durable.

Product Features

  • Thin-lip for the best tasting experience
  • Three shapes for all kinds of beer
  • Helps with forming perfect foam while pouring 

*The glasses should not be placed into microwaves

Product Specifications

Exhiralate: 71x71x142mm
Mellow: 75x69x142mm
Profound: 77x69x142mm

Exhiralate: 345ml
Mellow: 420ml
Profound: 380ml

Packaging: 3pcs/set (Exhiralate/ Mellow/ Profound each)
Origin: Japan

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