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【Summer Offer for Schools】<br>Solar Trap™ Outdoor Insect Trap

Summer is the peak of mosquitos breeding season. For pupils to enjoy their time in campus, the insects and mosquito problem must be managed properly. Other than using chemical substances such as oil or pesticide, solar powered insect lamp can be a great alternative. Not only does it protect the environment, but also the well-being our teachers and students at school.

Upon purchasing Solar Trap™ Solar Power Outdoor Insect Trap for local schools,
one Educational Board and free replacement of
flying insect sticky pad (6 times in total) will be included.


Tel: 2481 3988 | WhatsApp: 5412 3517

Benefits of Using Solar Trap™ Solar Power Outdoor Insect Trap

  • 24 hours operation (UV lamp and fan operates for 8 hours at night, machine switches to charging mode for the rest of the day)
  • The device neither uses any chemical lure nor emit any toxic substance
  • Safe & Reliable*
  • Cover an area up to 30,000 square ft.

*Solar Trap™ is composed with safety design fan, unlike other existing products, it doesn't have any danger from electrical shock, electrical short or fire. It is safe to place the device anywhere like schools, parks and playgrounds etc.

Certification: CE Certified (TK-CC110095)

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