Save Local Bees™ Honey<br> Summer 20% Off Sale - 10 Days to Go!

In the hot summer we often crave for cold and sweet drinks, however, it is also often regarded as a unhealthy habit. Is there any sweetened drinks that are healthy? It must be the natural bee honey.

100% local natural Save Local Bees™ Honey are now on sale for 20% Off! Let's relieve the heat healthily!

The offer valid until 31st July 2021, Purchase NOW!

Save Local Bees™ Spring Honey (Multi-floral)

Wild honey is collected during Spring time from Lychee or Longan trees, providing a sweet and delicate flavor.

Spring Honey nourishes your throat and lungs, soothes oral infection and indigestion. 

Save Local Bees™ Winter Honey (Ivy Tree)

Ivy tree flowers blossom in cooler weather, making it the source of our winter honey.

The Winter Honey stimulates detox process, which effectively soothes cold, fever and sore throat, enhancing your immunity.

What is Save Local Bees™?

Honey bees is essential in maintain human's food source and the eco-system in general.

Therefore, Johnson Group and beekeeper Uncle Kwong has been working together on our Save Local Bees™ conservation plan. Uncle Kwong will collect the bee whenever we received beehives report, instead of applying pesticide. The honey bees collected will be relocated at the farm in Ma On Shan. The honey produced is available here at GreenSTORE, FREE of fragrances, pigments and chemical preservatives.

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