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Pre-order The All-new Vycel 4<br>Electrostatic Sprayer at 15% Off

The All-new Vycel 4 Electrostatic Sprayer. Johnson Group is the Sole Distributor in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan regions. Now accepting pre-order at 15% off!

Discounted Price: $16,915 (Original $19,900)

Free SafePRO® 180 Days Self-Disinfecting Antimicrobial Coating (1 Gallon) for pre-order customers! 

the silane quaternary ammonium compound together with electrostatic spraying can ensure the best efficacy.

Effective in killing 99.99% SARS-CoV-2 viruses!


The principal of electrostatic spraying is simple, once charged the disinfectant/anti-microbial coating with positive ions, the droplets will be attracted by the naturally negative charged surfaces. It ensures the liquid to be attached and locked onto the surface to be effective. For coatings, user need not to worry about the liquid falling off during routine cleaning and wiping.

British Brand With Professional Design

  • 4-litre tank, full tank is capable for covering up to 15,000 sq. ft.
  • 40 microns particles, more efficient than conventional fogging, saving up to 75% consumption
  • Compact and lightweight, only 3.2kg when empty, easy to maneuver in confined space

The Best User Experience

  • 3 hours+ battery run time, and easy swap and dock charge system
  • Illuminated battery status indicator, and a night light on the nozzle, able to be used in the dark
  • Ergonomic design in soft cushions and should straps, easy to use for long period of time
  • Sole distributor, 1-year manufacturer’s warranty


Interested parties are welcome to visit our showroom at TML Plaza, Tsuen Wan for demonstration and trial, please call our hotline 2421 0203 to make an appointment beforehand.

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Suitable for Applying Disinfectant and Anti-microbial Coating


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