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【Deep Clean】Sneeze When You Wake Up? Deal With Household Allergens With Your Consumption Vouchers!

Eliminate All Allergens With Professional Help! No More Sneezing!

As the weather getting warmer and more humid, it is very easy to re-trigger our allergic reactions. If you always sneeze when you wake up, your household environment could very likely be infested by bacteria, viruses and moulds already.

As the government's 2022 Consumption Vouchers scheme is underway, let's experience the professional cleaning and hygiene service to deal with all the threats!

8 of Johnson Group's Cleaning Services are now available on GreenSTORE, ranging from home sanitization, cleaning to protective anti-microbial coatings! Make your order via GreenSTORE now, we will contact you within 2 working days to finalize the schedule. 

Let's Try Out Johnson Group's Cleaning Services!

Clients can use the Government Consumption Vouchers via Alipay, WeChat Pay and Tap & Go for other Johnson Group's Services via GreenSTORE's payment. Make you appointments now!

Any enquiries, pleasecall 2481 3988 or email enquiry@johnson-group.com.hk 

BRShield 180 Days Self-disinfecting Anti-microbial Coating Service

BR Shield® 180 Days Self-Disinfecting Antimicrobial Coating is a reactive saline quaternary ammonium compound, which provides long-lasting antiviral and antimicrobial coatings to any surface it is applied to. The effectiveness can be assured for up to 180 days. This coating is specifically designed to greatly reduce the risk of cross contamination and the subsequent spread of pathogenic organisms from one person to another, with physical means rather than chemical means, making it much safer and durable.

Our professional team will carry out space disinfection first with SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant, then apply the BR Shield® Antimicrobial Coating, let's limit the transmission of viruses and bacteria!

  • 100% physical approach, no harmful chemicals involved, safe for human, pets and the environment
  • Last for up to 180 days, will not fall off even being wiped
  • Both antibacterial and antiviral
  • Helps control mould and odor as well
  • Proven with lab reports, effective in killing 99.99% SARS-CoV-2 viruses
  • Applicable for virtually any surfaces (including metals, wood, fabrics, porcelain, stoneware, plastic, glass and mirrors, leather, etc.)
  • Great for stopping infections and reduce risk of cross contamination in public spaces

BOOK NOW Special Price $4,000 

*This price is for space with a Net Floor Area no greater than 1,200 sq ft, for space larger than 1,200 sq ft, please contact 2481 3988, or email us at enquiry@johnson-group.com.hk for detailed quotations, thank you!

Curtain (Drape) Cleaning & Sanitizing Service

Isn't it scary that whenever you shake and jitter your curtains under the sunlight, you would see those dust and dander flying around?

Matter of fact, curtains (drape) hang around the window means that it is our first line of defense towards any allergens and contaminants from the outside. Whenever the room is ventilated, the curtains became big air filters that will catch all the dust, dander, bacteria, viruses and moulds suspending and floating in the air.

Deep clean them with professional tools and personnel, revitalize the indoor air quality and regain your personal space!

BOOK NOW Special Price from $750 

Hunter Douglas Curtain (Drape) Cleaning & Sanitizing Service

*Johnson Group is appointed by Hunter Douglas as its authorized and preferred cleaning service vendor for professional curtains and shades cleaning & sanitizing service.

Hunter Douglas' curtains were specifically treated with Dust Shield™ anti-dirt layer, also each of them were made with special material or structures (e.g. Honeycomb structures) for shades or blinds, which needs alternative treatments. Therefore the product requires specialized care while being cleaned. 

BOOK NOW Special Price from $1,200

Mattress Cleaning & Sanitizing Service

We spend average 6 to 8 hours of a day sleeping, but do you know there might be something else sleeping with you every day?

Dead skin, grease, sweat, dust and bacteria can easily accumulate on mattress and sofa, providing abundant food for dust mites. Statistically, the average mattress is home to about 2 million dust mites. If you have pets in the house, the situation could be even worse. While dust mites, dead skin dander, bacteria and viruses are all microscopic, we can make use of specific tools and technique to eliminate these invisible threats.

BOOK NOW Special Price from $750 

Fabric Sofa Cleaning & Sanitizing Service

Fabric sofa could be a warm bed for common allergens such as dust mites, bacteria, and viruses, as it is often in contact with us when we are just back home from outside. It is prone to be a hiding place for hair, dander and food debris etc. as well.

As the "first line of defense", it is best to not only clean it by yourself routinely, but also use a professional deep cleaning service to sort out all the microscopic allergens and potential threats. 

Fabric + Textile Protective Coat Service

Apart from deep cleaning, we also provide protective coating service for fabric sofas and mattresses. It utilize Silicon Dioxide (SiO2), to surround every fibre with a matrix network of nanoparticles that are extremely hydrophobic and oleophobic; that is, they repel both liquids and contaminants. Liquid spills will either run off or sit on top of the fabric where ‘lotus effect’ occurs. The liquid can be easily shaken off or soaked up using a paper towel. The liquids will not soak into the material, eliminating any potential staining.

BOOK NOW Special Price $800

Persian/Oriental Carpet Cleaning & Sanitizing Service

Carpets, live their lives under our feet, which almost guarantee it will catch all the dusts and contaminants in the air. If not cleaned routinely, carpets could be the best breeding ground for dust mites, bacteria, viruses and moulds. However, most of the carpets are made from cotton, Persian/Oriental rugs are made of wool, silk or other exotic fabrics, which requires specialized care.

No matter, experts from Johnson Group are highly skilled and experienced in handling such carpets/rugs, with the professional tools and natural materials, our team is determined to make your carpet/rug looks brand-new!

BOOK NOW Special Price $1,500

*Please contact 2481 3988 or email us at enquiry@johnson-group.com.hk for details of Office Carpet Cleaning or any other specific services.


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