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Johnson Group - Fabric + Textile Protective Coat Service

Brand: Johnson-Group

Product Code: FTC-01

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Johnson Group - Fabric + Textile Protective Coat Service (Mattresses & Fabric Sofas Only)

*Please note that upon placing your order, our customer service team will contact you within 2 working days to confirm the details and schedule of the service.*

Fabric + Textile Protective Coat is an innovative fibre protection product, that protects almost all types of fabric and textiles against water, dirt and stains. It is totally invisible, and does not effect the fabrics' appearance, preserving its ability to breath or feel. The coating is suitable for suede, leather, wool, cotton, synthetic fibre or silk etc.

Fabric + Textile utilize Silicon Dioxide (SiO2), to surround every fibre with a matrix network of nanoparticles that are extremely hydrophobic and oleophobic; that is, they repel both liquids and contaminants. Liquid spills will either run off or sit on top of the fabric where ‘lotus effect’ occurs. The liquid can be easily shaken off or soaked up using a paper towel. The liquids will not soak into the material, eliminating any potential staining.

The solid bond with the fabric fibres enables an excellent abrasion and bacteria growth resistance, meaning that when applied to fabrics, it remains effective for up to 6 months of normal regular washing. On non-washables, the effect will remain for up to 1 year.

Learn More Detail About the Service

For enquiries or quotation for specific services, please contact 2481 3988 or email us at enquiry@johnson-group.com.hk.

Service Features and Benefits

  • Long lasting protection up to 6 months, covering a wide range fabric and textiles including cotton, leather, wool, polyester etc.
  • Nano technology provides perfect protection for fabric furniture and carpets,.
  • Common liquids spill such as milk, coffee or wine cannot permeate protected textiles.
  • Maintains the look, feel and characteristics of the material
  • Repels liquid and minimizes stains.
  • Optically neutral (invisible) and UV stable (help preventing discoloration due to sunlight)
  • Non allergenic and environmentally friendly.
  • Water based and harmless to your skin (No risk of catching fire).
  • Inhibit bacteria and mould growth (w.r.t. staphylococcus aureus up to 69.4%)


Special Remarks:

For Protective Coat service, the price will only be determined by the quantity of mattress/sofas to be treated, the size of the mattress does not affect the final price, however only sofa with 3 or fewer seats should be counted as "1" sofa, for sofa with more than 3 seats, it will be counted as "2" sofas while charging.

The Nano coat is effective in stopping liquids from soaking into treated surface, however, it does not mean that there will be zero penetration into the fabrics as the textile structures might vary. Also please note that although reducing the chance greatly, there will still be risks of staining on the treated furniture as the textile structure/situation/spilled liquid vary, the effectiveness could be affected over time as well. 

Please note that this page is for mattress/fabric sofa protective coat only. For more than 5pcs of furniture/other fabric furniture, please contact 24813988 or email us at enquiry@johnson-group.com.hk for details.
This service is not available for Outlying Islands (except Tung Chung, Discovery Bay and Ma Wan).

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