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Behind the Bubbles: The Creation of Save Local Bees Sparkling Honey Ginger

Behind the Bubbles: The Creation of Save Local Bees Sparkling Honey Ginger

Johnson Group recently launched Save Local Bees Sparkling Honey Ginger, which has received positive feedback from our customers! In addition to enjoying it during hot summer days, a can of honey ginger is also meaningful in supporting our local beekeepers!

What are the hidden stories behind each can of honey ginger? How is Sparkling Honey Ginger locally made? All the mysteries will be revealed right here!

Whenever we receive beehive cases, we collaborate with local beekeepers to relocate the lost local bees to our bee farms for nurturing.

Once we successfully brew honey, our Research & Development team meticulously analyzes the perfect ratio of honey and ginger juice. After numerous experiments, we finally discover the ideal blend of honey's sweetness, mildly spicy ginger juice, and the carbonation of soda.

Lastly, the locally crafted soda undergoes a rigorous process at our handcrafted soda factory, with the packaging designed by our dedicated production team. Save Local Bees Sparkling Honey Ginger is then ready to delight your senses!

Behind each can of honey ginger lies a touching bee-saving story. As you savor every sip of honey ginger, you also relish the satisfying taste of supporting our local beekeepers.

**Sale proceeds will be used to support our Save Local Bees Conservation Program.**

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Watch Our Latest Bee Rescue Mission

Our Save Local Bees Conservation Program

Bee-lieve in ESG: Save Local Bees Sustainability for Enterprise

ESG indicators have become a crucial factor for corporate success in recent years. Many companies are integrating ESG values into their development strategies and striving to achieve sustainable goals, such as reducing carbon footprints, protecting the environment, and conserving local communities. For those dedicated to advancing their ESG, Save Local Bees Sustainability for Enterprise is an excellent solution to help create and maximize corporate value.

Investors now put more emphasis on a company's social and environmental responsibility, in addition to its financial performance. Save Local Bees Sustainability for Enterprise aims to bring like-minded green enterprises together, committed to protecting local bees and contributing to the sustainable development of the beekeeping industry in Hong Kong. We hope our partners enhance their employee engagement, raise public awareness of local bee conservation, and ultimately promote sustainable business practices.

Details of Save Local Bees Sustainability for Enterprise:

  • Green Talk
  • Sustainable Mini Market
  • Bee Farm Tour
  • Beehive Title Sponsorship
  • Sponsorship Certificate & Award
We welcome all interested organizations to get in touch with us and support local bees conservation together!

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