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Awaken Your Taste Bud! Savor Your Buzzing Goodness of Bee-Saving!

Sparkling Moment Ahead!
Discover our Limited Edition - Save Local Bees Sparkling Honey Ginger!

Save Local Bees Sparkling Honey Ginger, a 100% Made in Hong Kong beverage, selects with fresh locally brewed ginger, combined with honey harvested from local bees and perfume lemon juice sourced in Hong Kong. It offers a flavor experience like no other.

Each sip perfectly blends the slightly spicy notes of ginger with the sweet taste of honey, enhanced by the aromatic touch of local lemon. It creates a unique and well-defined taste experience that is both stimulating and refreshing, awakening your senses as well as relieving stress at the same time!

Savor the Unique Flavor, Contribute to Bee Conservation Efforts

The packaging is a work of art, with its intricate design and vibrant colors. It features adorable “FunBee” 4-panel comics that highlight our commitment to the Save Local Bees Conservation Program. It is perfectly suited for those moments of chilling with friends! Sale proceeds will be used to support our Program.

While enjoying a sip of Honey Ginger, your support can also help local beekeepers to harvest your sweet honey. Come together and support us now!

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