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【2022 Christmas Gifts Guide】Top 10 Gifts for Green Living

Top 10 Selected Best Christmas Gifts, Can’t Go Wrong with These Great Deals

It’s Christmas again! Are you ready for gift exchange for friends and family? GreenSTORE brings you the most innovative ideas. A variety of our selected products are on sales, lowest price at $108. Here’s top 10 artistic, practical, affordable and unique Christmas present. SHOP NOW!

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Best Christmas Choice
【Save Local Bees Christmas Set】

Are you worried that your friends and colleague might not like your present? FunBee had sorted it out for you. Save Local Bees Christmas Set, including 3 presents at once, filling your needs.

During Christmas, Spring Multifloral Honey is the favorite choice to nourish your throat, qi & lungs, helps soothing the symptoms of oral infection and indigestion during dry and cold seasons.

Also, the adorable designs of Save Local Bees 2023 Desk Calendar and Save Local Bees Postcards are the best to record and treasure your moments. With the texture and temperature of your words, send a warm message and spread your love with your dear others.

Christmas Limited Time Offer $228

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Pandemic Solution, Disinfection & Relaxation

Non-stop partying during Christmas? Winter is a boom time for respiratory viruses, especially during the pandemic. Personal hygiene must be taken seriously when parties are crowded with people! We have 3 disinfectant products ready for you, not only that you can enjoy the parties, it will be best to share it with your friends too!

Pandemic Savior - SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant

Bring your SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant Spray with you at all times, protect yourself and your loved ones! The all-new 40ml portable keychain is now available in set of 4!

SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant is a broad spectrum disinfectant made from plant extracts. It can kills 99.99% of bacteria & viruses, suitable for hands and surfaces disinfection, protects your friends and family from the pandemic while saving the environment.


Autumn-Winter Household Essential Product
SafePRO® Sanitizing Humidifier

Winter is influenza season, especially during the pandemic. As a dry season, it could also lead to different allergy reactions. SafePRO® Sanitizing Humidifier can solve the problems.

The SafePRO® Sanitizing Humidifier utilize the negative-ions to disperse and form very thin fog. With the auto and manual rotating features, the nozzle is able to cover all angle. Apart from clear water, it is also suitable to use with SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant. A tiny amount of the Disinfectant can greatly reduce the risk of disease transmission. The natural Thymol is very unlikely to induce allergic reaction or inflammation, so that you need not to worry about the risk of lung injuries.


Partygoer Top Choice - SafePRO® 180 Days Self-Disinfecting Antimicrobial Coating

As a partygoer, Christmas come but once a year. You want to protect your place from the virus and bacteria, to enjoy the Christmas parties.

SafePRO® 180 Days Self-Disinfecting Antimicrobial Coating is a reactive saline quaternary ammonium compound, which provides long-lasting antiviral and antimicrobial coatings to any surface it is applied to. The effectiveness can be assured for up to 180 days. This coating is specifically designed to greatly reduce the risk of cross contamination and the subsequent spread of pathogenic organisms from one person to another, with physical means rather than chemical means, making it much safer and durable.

Therefore, this method precludes the transfer of the SARS-CoV-2, or any other viruses, suitable for use at household and public spaces such as school campus, nursing home, warehouse, shop, office, escalator, lift, car interior etc. It protects buttons, handles, seats etc. from becoming disease transmission medium.


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New Year New Step for Environmental Protection

Christmas Parties have food, beverage, tableware to prepare for, the resources that it consumes is a heavy duty for our lovely world. If you want to make some effort for protecting the earth, the green products below are absolutely the best choices for you.

Reusable Simple Fashion S+ ECO Cutlery

When it comes to plastic reusable cutlery, it is always the durability that keeps people from going green. Therefore, the founders of Taiwanese brand S+ came up with an idea, finding the material that actually works. And they finally chosen the combination of food grade PP and glass fibre. The best feature of S+ is the combination of PP and glass fibre, which makes the cutlery more durable and easier to clean. The cutlery is easy to assemble too, use the beautiful personalized case to store the cutlery set and you can put them into your pockets or bags. Live your life with S+! 

SHOP NOW $241.20


Plastic-Free SuperBee Eco-Friendly Series

SuperBee is a social enterprise, based in the mountains of Northern Thailand, which is known for our high-quality, reusable beeswax wraps that replace conventional plastic wrap, as well as for our their innovative, eco-friendly homeware products. It’s almost Christmas and New Year, everyone is getting ready for parties and celebration. Why not get it from SuperBee Tableware Series, enjoy the celebration while supporting the protection of our environment.


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Protecting environment is protecting our next generation
Mother's Corn® Complete Growing Up Set

Mother's Corn® Complete Growing Up Set is 100% made from corn & 100% biodegradable. Comparing to Petrochemical products, Mother’s Corn’s products can prevent future damages to our Planet Earth. No toxic material, such as heavy metals nor environmental hormone, found in the safety tests. Let use the safe and a natural material to ensure the safety of our future generations!

Mother’s Corn is the best choice for you to protect your future generations!

SHOP NOW $358.20

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Embellish with Unique Creation this Christmas

It’s Christmas! Decoration is needed for celebration, and a better festive atmosphere. Get yourself one and start your new year with a joyful mood.

Fashion Decoration for Christmas Made By Humans Series

Canadian Brand Made by Humans was found in 1989. With the aim of being fun, imaginative and creative by combining arts and life, Made by Humans created a series of fun. Modern and artistic daily products.

If you want a festive and joyful Christmas, Made By Humans Creative Decoration is a solid choice. It could be your Christmas setup or a unique gift for your friends!


Chill with me, Drink with Fuji

Hare nomi is a glass making workshop located at Sumida, Tokyo. It started from 1917, it is therefore designated by the Tokyo government as an official “traditional art and craft’ manufacturer, which is now ran by two “traditional craftsmen” assigned officially. The MT. FUJI Sake Glass was designed in the shape of Mountain Fuji, with an irregular pattern of ink to highlight the unique appearance of the well-known mountain.

Mountain Fuji is worshipped by the Japanese, and this sake glass carries a subtle sense of blessing as well, which is perfect as gifts. The red color represent victory, while the blue color represent loyalty.

SHOP NOW $376.20

Blazing Christmas with Save Local Bees™ Beeswax Candle

If you want a blazing amazing Christmas, Save Local Bees™ Beeswax Candle is your perfect choice.

Save Local Bees™ Beeswax Candle is made with high quality beeswax and honey from Taiwan's local bees. Both the beeswax and the cotton thread are produced in Taiwan. All the materials used are natural, which is safe for children and pets. Apart from lighting up, the candle will emit a comfortable scent of bee honey. It helps purifying air indoor, creating a warm atmosphere, and reducing the sense of humidity. The candle also has a natural essential oils lavender scent option. It is the best for embellishing your home!


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From now on until 14th December, Johnson Group are presenting to you Christmas Limited Time Offer! Upon Purchasing $1,225, you can immediately enjoy a $500 off discount*. The service period is valid from 8th to 31st December 2022.

We also offer another $500 rebate for your next cleaning service, the total discount is up to $1,000

Cleaning Services include: Mattresses, Curtains, Carpets, Fabric/Leather Sofas, Air Conditioners, and Car Cleaning & Sanitizing (Exterior & Interior).

The Offer is valid for a limited time, experience the service of your choice at a great price now!

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