ZEISS Mobile Screen Wipes (60 pc)

Brand: ZEISS

Product Code: LS-ZI-002

$70.00 Regular price $100.00

Phone screens are in close contact with our hands, which is dangerous if polluted by bacteria and viruses. The ZEISS Mobile Screen Wipes is specifically designed to clean screens. No additional harmful cleaner, no color, suitable for LCD and LED monitors, such as smartphones and tablets etc. Effective in removing grease, stains and dusts, with no water marks left behind. It is the best option for cleaning screens.

Product Features

  • Made with wood cellulose, no damage to the glasses and coatings
  • Remove fingerprints, grease and stains
  • Moderate formula, no damage to human skin
  • No damage or scratches to phones, no marks left behind
  • Individual packages, remain moisturized

How to Use

  • Tear open the package, and fold the wipe into a square best for wiping
  • Wipe by "drawing a circle" on the object
  • Only use wipe when it is moist

Product Specifications

Wipe Size: 15.5 x 13cm

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