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SuperBee Wool Dryer Balls (Pack of 3)

Brand: SuperBee

Product Code: PC-LP-001

$78.00 Regular price $130.00

SuperBee is a social enterprise, based in the mountains of Northern Thailand. She is famous for our high-quality, reusable beeswax wraps that replace plastic wrap, as well as for our innovative, eco-friendly homeware products. 

Wanna to save time and money whenever using the clothes dryer? SuperBee Wool Dryer Balls will be your best choice! They help you to reduce drying time by 30% from every load, and lower your electricity bill and carbon footprint. A beautiful hand-sewn patchwork drawstring bag contains 3 cute Wool Dryer Balls which are made of 100% fragrance free, unbleached New Zealand sheep’s wool. Natural, eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable too! They DO NOT ONLY save your time and money, but also act as a natural clothes softener and help reduce wrinkles!

Product Features

  • Reduce drying time by 30% from every load of clothes dryers
  • Lower your electricity bill and carbon footprint
  • Able to last up to 1,000 loads
  • Made of 100% fragrance free, unbleached New Zealand sheep’s wool
  • Eco-friendly & 100% biodegradable

User Tips:

If you prefer a fragrance to your clean clothes, simply add a few drops of your favourite essential oil directly to the wool balls and set aside for a couple of hours. Come the next wash, they will infuse your clothes with a subtle, chemical-free fragrance. Essential oils may discolour the surface of the balls but this will not impact their performance.

Product Specifications

  • Origin of Manufacturer: Thailand
  • Weight: 175g/ set

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