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SuperBee Bamboo Straws

Brand: SuperBee

Product Code: GP-ES-001

$72.00 Regular price $120.00

SuperBee is a social enterprise, based in the mountains of Northern Thailand, which is known for our high-quality, reusable beeswax wraps that replace conventional plastic wrap, as well as for our their innovative, eco-friendly homeware products.

Enjoy your drinks guilt-free with our reusable beauties – SuperBee Bamboo Straws!

They come from nature and end up in nature, 100% truly biodegradable!

With SuperBee Bamboo Straws, no more inks, no more dyes, and no more throw-away plastic straws!

Product Specifications

Set: a box of 4 with a coconut bristle cleaning brush

Straw Size: 20cm length and around 6mm – 10mm diameter

Origin of Manufacturer: Thailand

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