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3M® Scraper Matting 6050

Brand: 3M®

Product Code: 3M-FM-6050

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  • Vinyl loops scrape the foot, allowing dirt and moisture to fall into the mat and not be re-tracked into the building
  • Vinyl will not fade when exposed to sunlight and doesn't absorb water
  • Easy cleaning. Clean by shaking, vacuuming or washing with a hose
  • Durable
  • Strong Flame resistance material
  • Able to inhibit fungal growth (6050)


Indoor or outdoor facility entrances


Model: 6050 (Made in USA) / 6050C (Made in China)

Standard Size: 3' x 40' / 4' x 40' (USA) , 3' x 78' / 4' x 78' (China)

***Custom Cut is available***

Thickness: 11mm

Materiel: Vinyl Coiled-web

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