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Scilla Rose Superior Rose Quartz Roller and Gua Sha Beauty Set

Brand: ScillaRose

Product Code: PC-BE-013

$279.30 Regular price $399.00

Rose Quartz mainly used for reliving negative energy mentally, helps activating blood circulation too. It is used for clearing thoughts, and easing stress for a very long time. Apart from wearing it as jewelries, it had also been used for beauty and skincare from the ancient times too.

The Scilla Rose Superior Rose Quartz Roller can activate the lymph and blood flow, best for easing edema, eye bags or wrinkles. The Gua Sha tool provides a chilling touch, activate the collagens in our skin. It helps your skin absorb the skincare substances better, easing allergic reactions and inflammation as well.

Product Features

  • All natural Rose Quartz for best authentic crystal energy
  • Authentic Rose Quartz from Brazil
  • Delicately made, smooth crystal
  • Silicone internal bushings to reduce noise whiling using
  • Handle made with Jade
  • Unique patterns and coloring on authentic Amethyst

*Natural crystals all carry calving, batting or other patterns which could not be corrected by hand-polishing, please note that it is normal for authentical crystal

The Ultimate Set Includes

  • Double-ended Rose Quartz Roller
  • Multi-Edged Rose Quartz Gua Sha Tool
  • Pink soft case
  • Pink cleaning cloth
  • Silk thread gift box
  • “The Little Memorial Stone” souvenir, for you to get to know the actual
  • Amethyst material
  • Tutorial card for “Skin Yoga” treatment with video link attached

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