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Save Local Bees™ Winter Honey

Brand: Save-Local-Bees™

Product Code: GP-WH-101

$260.00 Regular price

Your Support Will Make a Difference for Local Bees

Part of the proceeds of the sales will be donated to support Save Local Bees conservation program.

With your support. Johnson Group will be able to help anyone in need to relocate bee hives, protecting the bees from being killed by other pest control companies or poisoned by toxic pesticides, eventually they will live at a new home provided by local beekeepers. 

Learn more about our "Save Local Bees" Conservation Program

100% Local Harvest & Made in Hong Kong

Save Local Bees™ Winter Honey (Ivy Tree)

Ivy tree flowers blossom in cooler weather, making it the source of our winter honey.

The honey stimulates detox process, which effectively soothes cold, fever and sore throat, enhancing your immunity.

FREE of fragrances, pigments and preservatives.

*Honey crystallization is a natural phenomenon and safe to eat


Net Weight: 500g

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Pinky To

taste good

Jane Leung


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