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Save Local Bees™ Beeswax Candle - Small Roll (Set of 3)

Brand: Save-Local-Bees™

Product Code: LS-FS-005-CO

$218.00 Regular price

Save Local Bees™ Beeswax Candle is made with high quality beeswax and honey from Taiwan's local bees. Both the beeswax and the cotton thread are produced in Taiwan. All the materials used are natural, which is safe for children and pets. Apart from lighting up, the candle will emit a comfortable scent of bee honey. It helps purifying air indoor, creating a warm atmosphere, and reducing the sense of humidity. The candle also has a natural essential oils lavender scent option. It is the best for embellishing your home!

Product Feature

  • Handmade
  • With a scent of bee honey
  • Two scent option: Original / Lavender
  • Complete combustion, no residue after used

Product Specifications

Candle Size: Height 4cm, Diameter 3.3cm (size might be slightly differ as the product is handmade)
Durability: 2-3 hours of burning time for each candle
Variations: Original Circular/ Original Triangular/ Lavender Circular/ Lavender Triangular
Packaging: 3 pcs/pack
Origin: Taiwan
*Please use a candle holder

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