SafePRO® Ultrason X Ultrasonic Bird Repeller

Brand: SafePRO®

Product Code: PCP-BC-008

$18,480.00 Regular price

The Ultrason X is a high-quality ultrasonic bird repelling system and is the world’s first ultrasonic repeller specifically designed for outdoor, year-round use. Ultrason X utilizes ultrasonic sound waves to efficiently and effectively frighten, annoy, and repel birds and other wildlife within its 3,600 sq. ft. range.


Schools, hospitals, gardens, petrol stations and restaurants

Johnson Group is the sole distributor of Bird-X INC products in Hong Kong, Macau, China and Taiwan


Dimensions (Unit): 9" x 9"x 5" 

Dimensions (Speaker): 4"x 4"x 6" 

Speakers: 8 ohms, 75 watts 

Weight: 10 lbs 

Coverage: up to 3,600 sq. ft 

Power: 220V AC/50 Hz 

Sound Pressure: 95-102 dB (each speaker) @ 1 meter 

Frequency: 15 - 25 KHz 

Compliance: UL and CE Listed EPA Est. 075130-OR-001 

Origin: U.S.A 

Manufacturer: Bird-X INC 

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