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SafePRO® Prowler Owl

Brand: SafePRO®

Product Code: PCP-BC-017

$1,680.00 Regular price

The Prowler Owl® decoy resembles the ultimate, most-feared aerial predator. Birds instinctively avoid the Prowler Owl® as they would avoid a real Great Horned owl. Can be used at parks, gardens, yards, fields, rooftops, golf courses, marinas and other open areas.

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 44” wingspan, 26” total head-to-tail, 5” head diameter

Weight: 2 lbs

Coverage: 6,000 sq. ft

Materials: Body made of strong plastic, iron and fabric.

Installation service and related fixing accessories are not included.

Take down the owl during strong wind condition and typhoons to avoid damage.

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