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Bird-X Mega Blaster PRO Sonic Bird Repeller

Brand: Bird-X

Product Code: PCP-BC-002

$64,800.00 Regular price

Powered by solar energy, Mega Blaster PRO uses intermittent distress calls to create a “danger zone” that frightens infesting birds away for good.

Client's Real Case

Product Features

  • Two high-output amplifiers with specially-designed 20-speaker tower
  • Fully programmable – you control 8 sounds, volume and intervals
  • Programmable chips which contain different “recordings” for deterring different species
  • Weatherproof, NEMA Rated casing
  • Covers up to 30 acres (12 hectares)

4 Configurations Available

  • Agricultural # MEGA-AG
  • Crow / Raven # MEGA-CROW
  • Woodpecker # MEGA-WP
  • Marine / Gull # MEGA-MAR


Landfills, airfields, fish farms and wastewater treatment facilities

Johnson Group is the sole distributor of Bird-X INC products in Hong Kong, Macau, China and Taiwan


Dimensions (Unit): 32" x 24" x 5 "

Weight: 17 lbs

Power: 12vDC (3 amps) via solar panel and battery

Sound Pressure: up to 125 dB

Frequency: 2,000 - 10,000 Hz

Coverage: up to 30 acres (12 hectares)

Compliance: UL and CE Listed EPA Est. 075310-OR-001

Origin: U.S.A

Manufacturer: Bird-X INC

Price (Installation not included): $64,800.00 / set

A generating unit with two built-in high-output amplifiers, 20-speaker tower with audio cables, 40 watt solar panel, battery clips and all mounting hardware

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