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SafePRO® Glue Pad Indoor Insect Killer

Brand: SafePRO®

Product Code: PCP-IT-601

$488.00 Regular price

The latest SafePRO® Glue Pad Indoor Insect Killer is easy to install and to use, able to be mounted on walls or use on table top. It deploys a 365nm UV-A light to attract mosquitoes and other flying pests. It uses glue trap instead of electric shock, which is much quieter and cleaner. Great for both household or commercial purposes!

The unique flip cover makes it easy to change the glue pad and the UV-A tubes. The glue pad is specifically designed to withstand heat, so that it will not dry out quickly under the UV lights, good for 50 days of use.


  • Dual white and black UV tubes, effective all times and all angles
  • NO noise, NO smell, No debris, NO pollution and NO chemicals
  • Ultra-slim with flip cover, only weights 1kg, easy to maneuver and replace tube and glue pads
  • Sticky pad, NO fragmentation of insects, hence NO contamination risks
  • Energy-efficient, 2A of electricity to use for 30 days


Apart from household use, it is ideal for busy premises such as hotels, schools, restaurant, coffee shops, warehouses, kitchens etc.


  • Comes with mounting stickers, mounting hooks and screws, and 1 pack of glue traps (10pcs)
  • Replace tubes and glue trap regularly for the best performance
  • Separate purchase of tubes and glue pads are available

Light Tube Replacement Guide

1. Unplug the power supply, open the cover, remove the light tube holder, and unplug the power cord at the end

2. Remove the light tube fixing caps on both ends of the light tube holder

3. Rotate the used light tube 90 degrees, so that the pins are align to the notches and can be taken out from the holder

4. When installing the new light tube, remember to rotate it 90 degrees to ensure that the two pins the new tube are embedded in the light tube holder. Make sure the fixing caps are reinstalled

Glue Pad Replacement Guide

1. Regularly check the glue pads, it is recommended to replace them after the surface is 60% covered, and the longest use should not exceed 3 months to ensure the effectiveness

2. Unplug the power supply, open the cover, and directly remove the used glue pad

3. Please fold before disposing of the used glue pad

4. If a set of 10 glue pad was used up, you can directly place a new set of glue pads onto the slot

14-day Replacement Guarantee

*The product has NO warranty from the manufacturer and GreenSTORE, please note that replacement or repairing requests made after the 14 days guaranteed period, will not be processed or entertained*

The insect killer sold by GreenSTORE come with a 14-day replacement guarantee for damaged products. The products that require replacement must be kept in complete packaging without any damage or scratches. Only the same model can be replaced.

**Any damage caused by man-made error, abnormal usage against instructions in the manual, wrong power supply or negligent use of the product, the company reserves the right to the final decision.

If products need to be returned, please contact us first to make an appointment, and bring the products with the receipts to our office at TML Tower Tsuen Wan.

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 420*128*160mm
Tubes: 2 x 8W
Range: 100 m2 (dual tube)
Weight: 1 kg
Wavelength of UVA: 365nm
Accessories: 1 pack of glue traps (10 pcs); 1 black UVA tube; 1 white UVA tube; 1 set of wall mounting stickers; 1 set of wall mounting hooks with screws

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