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SafePRO® Ant Gel

Brand: SafePRO®

Product Code: PCP-PC-502

$98.00 Regular price $120.00

SafePRO® Ant Gel Attracts and Kills Ants Effectively

SafePRO® Ant Gel contains a slow-acting insecticide incorporated into a food attractant. Once working ants are attracted and feed on the bait, they will bring the bait back to the harborage and feed it to the colony members and the queen. Eventually, all the ants in the harborage will die and the infestation will be contained.

  • Safe and odourless
  • Easy application, simply apply spot treatment in infested area
  • Control common household ants, including Pharaoh Ant and Little Black Ant
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, including kitchens, meat and poultry plants, food processing areas and other sensitive areas like hospitals, nursing homes and kids’ rooms
  • Made in Korea


  1. Place about 0.5 - 1.5g of this product on harborage, corridor, wall voids, corners or edges of floors, counters, cabinet, shelves, dropped ceilings, etc. where ants may be a problem.
  2. Each application lasts about 3 months, for more effective performance, it is recommended to re-apply after 2-3 months for continuous ants control.

Product Specifications

Active Ingredient: Fipronil 0.01% W/W

Weight: 35g / tube 

HK Reg. No.: 2P244(GE)

Origin: Korea

Shelf Life: 3 years from manufactured date

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