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SafePRO® 3D Bird Spikes

Brand: SafePRO®

Product Code: PCP-BC-019

$128.00 Regular price

Making use of the PP compound, SafePRO® 3D Bird Spikes is highly flexible and elastic, so as to fit into narrow and complex spaces. The Spikes are designed specifically so that user can snap them into 4 smaller sections or twist them for complex spaces, so that the Spikes can cover up bird’s landing space thoroughly. There are 6 mounting holes on each section, so that you can mount it with screws or nails. You may also mount it by using glue or cable ties.

Product Features

  • Made with PP plastics, elastic and flexible, can be snapped into small sections
  • Mounted by screws, nails, glue, or cable ties etc.
  • 12 spikes in 1 box, cover large area

*Only Transparent spikes are available here, if you wish to purchase other colors (including brown, grey, white, dark red, black and green) , please contact us at to place orders.

Product Specifications

Color: White (For other color, please contact us at to place orders)

Size: 44.56 x 448 x 37.5 mm

Weight: 75g/pc (12pcs/ box)

Material: PP

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