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Portable Water Misting Fan

Product Code: ED-FN-002-BK

$201.60 Regular price $288.00


Fan could only help so much in the really hot summer, but air-conditioner consumes a lot of electricity. With this Portable Water Misting Fan, you may now enjoy some real breeze anytime anywhere. Making use of electrostatic misting, the water mist is really fine, no soaking up whatsoever. 600 ml capacity enable it to mist for up to 12 hours straight so that you can enjoy a great chilled sleep. The water tank has a LED lighting inside which you can choose your own color. Apart from households, it is great of using outside with a portable phone charge, perfect for camping or picnics etc.

Product Features

  • 3 intensity setting and 5 misting volume setting
  • Can be used as a humidifier as well
  • 1/2/3 hours auto timer setting
  • 600 ml capacity, misting up to 12 hours
  • LED lighting with various colors to choose from
  • Silent operation, no noise
  • Can be used with a portable phone charge

*Please do not use pure water or distilled water because the electrostatic misting will not work.

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 21 x 9 x 26cm

Capacity: 600ml

Color: White/Black

Power: 10W

Flow Rate: 45 - 225ml per hour (adjustable)

Power Cord: USB Type-C

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