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PestAerosol™ Flying Pests Aerosol Insecticide

Brand: PestAerosol™

Product Code: PCP-PC-702-SP

$270.00 Regular price $360.00

Product Features

  • Effective against flying pests, including mosquitoes, midges, flies and small crawling pests
  • Non-flammable


Fit for homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, warehouses, hospitals, cars, public transports, vessels and airplanes. Immediate knock-down effect, suitable for indoor use.

Direction for use

Directly spray on the targets for a few seconds to knock out flying pests.

Active Ingredient 

d-Phenothrin 2%

Registration and Approvals

  • CAAC Certified (HH0168-AAD)
  • HK Reg. No. : 2P197 (AE)


Net Weight: 200g

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