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PestAerosol™ Flying & Crawling Pests Aerosol Insecticide

Brand: PestAerosol™

Product Code: PCP-PC-703

$220.00 Regular price

Product features

  • Effective against flying and crawling pests, including mosquitoes, midges, flies, cockroaches, ants, silverfish, ticks and fleas
  • One Shot, Activate without water
  • Non-flammable

One shot spray, suitable for serious pest infestation, post-renovation & move-in

Fit for homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, warehouses, hospitals, public transports, vessels and airplanes. 

Effective area: about 1,000 sq. ft. (flat surface)

Direction for use

  1. Close all windows and doors, move away fish, pets and plants from the room. For the best result, open doors of cabinets and drawers in the room.
  2. Place the aerosol in the center of the room in an upright position. Activate the lock down nozzle. Spraying will start immediately.
  3. Leave the room and wait for 1 hour. Do not re-enter the room for the time being.
  4. Go back to the room, open all the windows and doors for at least 1 hour.
  5. Finally, clean the surface of the furniture with a cloth.

Active Ingredients

Permethrin 2% 

d-Phenothrin 2%

Registration and Certification

  • CAAC Certified (HH0169-AAD)
  • HK Reg. No. : 2P253 (AE)


Net Weight: 200g

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