PestAerosol™ Crawling Pests Aerosol Insecticide

Brand: PestAerosol™

Product Code: PCP-PC-701

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Product Features

  • WHO recommended active ingredient
  • Effective against crawling pests such as cockroaches, ants, silverfish, ticks and fleas
  • Regular residual spray, effective for 30 days
  • Non-flammable


Fit for homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, warehouses, hospitals, public transports, vessels and airplanes. Regular residual spray, effective for 30 days.

Direction for use

Evenly spray the aerosol to possible pests hiding places or where they frequently appear (e.g. on floors, between cracks, crevices and drains etc.). The strong and long lasting residual power will prevent and eliminate the infestation of pests.

Active Ingredient

Permethrin 2%

Registration and Approvals

  • CAAC Certified (HH0167-AAD)
  • HK Reg. No. : 2P149 (AE)


Net Weight: 200g

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