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MOBOLI Secret Forest Cat Bowl with Cat Grass


Product Code: LS-PT-014

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The MOBOLI team are all pet lover. They designed the products based on the idea of "Be From The Nature Return To The Nature", so that our pets can return to nature and maintain a healthier life. Hope to bring you and your pet's life more beautiful.

Product Features

  • Safety: Edible grade PC bowl, non-toxic and odorless. Eating food and Drinking water are appropriate
  • Tilt Angle Design: 15° Tilted Platform design. Ease the cat eating posture. It means your cat can really stick their heads in the bowl and turn to side to lick the sides of the bowl clean vs a shallow flat plate with short sides. The slanted cat bowl is perfect for flat-faced cats
  • Perfect Height: it put a cat's mouth at a better position in relation to its stomach, and it could alleviate their occasional vomiting
  • Keep Food Stays Centered: cat raised bowl is designed with the perfect curvature for making food fall back to the center of the bowl. The inner lip does help keep cats from chasing food out of the dish, so their eating areas are much cleaner
  • Right Size For Cat: It can store enough food for cat to eat throughout the day, preventing overfeeding for either kitten or adult cat. Good for feeding dry/wet food
  • Natural & Healthy: Two-in-one use, our bowls not only hold food, but also grow cat grass, green your cat bowl, save space, cats eat grass can promote cat discharge hairball
  • Easy Plant: Only 200 ML of water is needed for the first time to grow Cat grass

Tips for Growing Cat Grass

  • The replacement time of cat grass planting is two weeks, during which the cat grass can be harvested twice at a time
  • It is irreversible for plants to mature and grow old. Please replace new coconut soil and seeds in time to provide high quality cat grass for cats to enjoy
  • Use the two cubes of coconut soil and the package of cat grass seeds, mix them with 200ml of clear water, and the cat grass is good to go

Product Specifications

Material: ABS, PC, PP
Accessories: Cat Grass Seeds, Coconut Soil Package
Dimension: 20 x 20 x 11 cm
Weight: 0.4kg

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