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MITE-PROTEX™ Anti-mite & Bed Bug Bedding Products


Product Code: PC-AB-001

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MITE-PROTEX™ Anti-mite & Bed Bug Bedding Products

Use Green Products if traditional toxic chemicals is your concern

Benefits of using MITE-PROTEX™ Anti-mite & Bed Bug Bedding Products

  • Tightly woven fabric with systemized regular pattern to prevent mite colonization
  • Impermeable to particles down to the size of 6um
  • Breathable to ensure comfort and prevent moisture build-up, especially suitable in HONG KONG
  • No added chemicals to prevent chemical allergies
  • Hand and Machine washable using warm water (54°C)

MITE-PROTEX is designed specifically

  • For patients who suffer from asthma, eczema and nasal allergies
  • To protect patients and their family against harmful allergens
  • To give patients a healthy sleep

How do dust mites affect our health

The droppings of house dust mites contain high levels of allergens. These allergens have enzymatic activities and will penetrate protective layers of the skin as well as mucous membrane. For people who are allergic to dust mites, exposure to these allergens will lead to allergic reaction. In fact, house dust mites are considered to be the most common allergens at home. Bedding - the most important site of allergen exposure because everyday we spend one third of our time in the bed. The warm and humid conditions can easily induce the rapidly growth of dust mites.

Why choose MITE-PROTEX™ Anti-mite & Bed Bug Bedding Products

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