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LIFAair™ LA352 Air Purifier

Brand: LIFAair™

Product Code: GP-LA-002

$4,880.00 Regular price $5,380.00

Benefits of using LIFAair™ LA352

Clean air with quality has become a significant concern not only in the outdoor areas but also the indoor environment. With LIFAair™ “Intellectual Air cleaning robot” and its 2-In-1 intelligent monitoring/control system you can now enjoying a high quality living or working environment with fresh air.

LIFA air™ LA352 always “think and work” intelligently. Working with its innovative monitoring/controlling technology and the triple-layer filter system, LA352 filters eliminate indoor air pollutants, such as formaldehyde, particulates, germs, dust and mold instantly with high filtration efficiency.

A Triple-layer Filter System - A total air purification guaranteed

The Triple-layer Filter System with pre-filter, activated carbon filter and H12 HEPA filter enables LA352 to remove the hazardous particles such as bacteria, micro-organism, mold, pet dander, fiber and other unpleasant odor.

Activated Carbon Filter: HK$850 / set (replace once every 2 years)

HEPA Filter: HK$550 / set (replace once every 1 year)

How does the Triple-later Filter System work?


In general, the normal life time of LIFAair Filter is 1 year or above guaranteed (normal application). If formaldehyde level keeps at a safety level detected continuously then there is no activated carbon filter replacement is required.

Real time air quality measurement by Precise Sensors Group

 Devoted to meeting various indoor air of consumers’ and improving the demand, including the removal of inhalable particles, gaseous pollutant, ozone, bacterium, virus and peculiar smell, and the reducing of density of carbon dioxide. LIFAair is all that products allocate 4 independent air quality monitors, it can measure formaldehyde, can measure PM2.5 too, more important, it has a carbon dioxide sensor and odor sensor all these indexes will be in the form of ocular data. With the rechargeable battery, it can break away from the power and move and use. Users are when the family moves, this not only can continue commanding the purifying device to work while monitoring the controller, and can monitor the air quality of any corner; When users leave home to use holding it, it becomes taken as an air quality monitoring instrument, monitor any place or outdoor air quality at any time.

LA352 featured with 4 precise sensors

Intellectual 2-in-1 monitoring/controlling unit brings the filter and energy saving while intellectually detecting air quality

 LA352 determines the right air purification procedure based on the detection of human activities and air pollutants levels. This breakthrough technology minimize the unnecessarily power consumption and extend the filter's lifetime.


Sophisticated outlook with excellent performance

Aero-compressor like inlet guide vane gives LA352 a sophisticated appearance that never outdated. Attached with SmellGREEN® Natural Fragrance Gel with its real decomposition on odor and purify performance empower LA352 a higher standard of air purification

 Air-flow control with one touch feature

To adjust the air speed with one hand operation. Flash indicates the unit detects an issue, light-on indicates the air-flow reaches the maximum or minimum level.

A perfect match with your home decoration


Recommended Coverage Area: 23 - 39 m²

Particle CADR: 330 m³/hour

Formaldehyde CADR: 140 m³/hour

Noise: 33 - 66 dB

Dimensions: 25(Ø) x 50(D) cm

Weight: 10 kg

Voltage: 220 V/50 HZ

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