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InovaAir® E7 Air Purifier

Brand: InovaAir®

Product Code: GP-IA-001

$9,800.00 Regular price

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H13 Hospital-grade Filter

The filter in the InovaAir E7 system is manufactured using H13 medical-grade HEPA filtration with an incredible 3.8m² surface area, combined with Technostat® pre-filtration microporous filter technology these filters exceed HEPA filtration standards providing the highest level of filtration available.

Advanced Filtration Technology

High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance filters known as HEPA filters are so fine they can filter bacteria and viruses from the air and remove 99.97% of particles @ 0.3 microns (PM0.3) in size. With 1 micron measuring just 0.001mm and the smallest particle visible to the naked eye being 40 microns, 0.3 microns is many times smaller than dust mites, mould spores, pet allergens, pollen and fine particulate air pollution. 

Green Choice Filters

Large filters not only result in superior filtration and airflow, they also result in:

  1. Lower energy consumption
  2. Longer filter life
  3. Less environmental impact
  4. Lower cost of ownership

    Price List of replacement filters for InovaAir® Air Purifier:

    When is time to change an air filter? 

    Please be assured that we will notify you when it is time for a filter change.

    FREE installation and shipping can be provided with purchase of suitable filters.

    Product Specifications

    Recommended coverage area: 20 - 40m²

    Air delivery: Air delivery 70 - 250 m³/hour

    Motor Type: Centrifugal Fan (European), designed for continuous 24 hour operation (ball bearing maintenance free)

    Speed Control: 3 phases

    Power consumption: 10W / 17W / 35W

    Power Supply: 230V, 50Hz

    Filter Specifications: Technostat® Electrostatically Charged High Effciency Pre-filter and filter, H13 Medical-grade HEPA Filter, Carbon Impregnated inner blanket

    Efficiency: 100% eliminates PM2.5, 99.97% eliminate PM2.3

    Origin: Australia

    Dimensions: 32cm(L) x 32cm(W) x 48cm(H)

    Weight (inc. HEPA filter): 12 kg

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