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Houcy 3 in 1 Defrosting Tray

Brand: Houcy

Product Code: LS-KC-041

$559.00 Regular price

Defrosting meat could be a tricky task. Natural room temperature could take so long, bacteria and viruses could infect the meat in the process. Warm water, oven, microwaves etc. are quicker, but the meat quality is very likely to be hindered.

No electricity or extra heat needed for defrosting? Korean brand HOUCY specifically designed the 3 in 1 Defrosting Tray. There are 22 tiny holes underneath to control air flow, with the aluminium plates directly pressing onto the meat, the defrosting process can be sped up well. The defrosting plates are made of aluminium and food-grade silicone, which is safe to use. The tray is made from bioplastic, which makes it even more eco-friendly.

Product Features

  • Quick process without water, electricity or heat, preserving meat quality
  • The bottom tray can be used as a chopping board
  • Can be used to speed up the process of freezing food as well
  • Durable, well-made products, last for up to 10 years

Product Specifications

Dimensions:392.3 x 174 x 15mm
Weight:650g(Defrosting plates)/ 920g(With Tray)
Material:Aluminium (Defrosting plates), edges (food grade silicone), bioplastic (tray)

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